Ban-Ki-Moon Speech

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Have you ever had a dream? Not that ordinary unconscious dream, but that one dream where you strive to realize it one day and are willing to do everything for that dream to come true? You must be wondering why I’m asking you this question right? Well let me talk about this one man who has accomplished his biggest dream, his name is Ban-Ki-Moon Ban-Ki-Moon was born on 13 June 1944 in Eumseong County, North Chungcheong Province, Japanese Korea. He was born at the end of the Japanese colonialism in Korea, where he lived and was raised by his family in changjun. His father had a business in warehouse rentals, but when he turned 6, his father’s business got bankrupt which pushed them to live at the mountain range until the Korean War ended. Following the war they…show more content…
He also involve in the mid-east problem,he’d been negotiating some issues with the mid-east leaders , he’s trying to reduce the conflict that happened there , he also disagree with the Israel decision because it can ruin the peace in the mid-east. For the promoting of the sustainable development he’d been intiated the 2007 Climate Change Summit and also followed by wider diplomatic effort that helped to put the issues at the front of the global agenda. The Millenium Development Goals was to focus on the world main anti-poverty target, it has produce $60 billion pledges. And with a special affection to Africa and global new strategy on woman’s and children’s health , and for the economic , food ,and energy crises in 2008 as the Secretary-General for UN Ban success to to get the $1 trillion financing package from the G20 to support the developing countries and he also took another steps to protect the vulnerable and

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