Power In Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, developed the theme of power thoroughly throughout the novel. Victor and the Creature both demonstrate their power differently, and it often shifts between the two characters. The need for power shows in the way the person and or a creature acts. If one is more assertive and more demanding, they may think they are in charge. Shelley really showed this well as if body language and voice tone was a factor. Victor Frankenstein, a very dedicated scientist, decided to pursue the idea of making his own “son,” one day he decided to take on this challenge. Using corpses and natural electricity from lightning, the Creature came to life. When the Creature opened its eyes and smiled, Victor felt shocked and afraid. Since, Victor made the creature as his “son”, Victor was his quote-on-quote, master. When…show more content…
The creature was not born with any sense, causing him to sometimes act out in child-like ways. He did not know how to do anything when he was first created and to make matters worse, Victor never taught him the ways of life. He looked up to Victor to help him learn through this process and to maybe become normal enough to create relationships for other people. Everyone was petrified of the creature and nobody would talk to him or treat him like a real human being. He started feeling abandoned and lonely. He the acquired these feelings especially when Victor, his “master” left him. After Victor abandoned him, the creature became furious with the situation. Therefore, he decided to find Victor and asked him to make him a girl
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