How Does Alfred Hitchcock Create Suspense In North By Northwest

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A person can get into trouble within a second. Alfred Hitchcock portrayed that situation beautifully in his film North by Northwest. It is a film full of suspense and thriller. It showcased that how miserably a misunderstanding can change a person's life. In this film Hitchcock gave his soul to take this film to a perfect level. After the release of this film many directors were inspired by Hitchcock as he has an extraordinary vision of film direction. According to the poster of the film, Grant and Hitchcock are the backbone of suspense in North by Northwest. This film has exotic settings, the famous Crop Duster Scene, and a wonderful screenplay. North by Northwest was filmed on Cary Grant as a character of Roger Thornhill an advertising…show more content…
He found out that someone tried to kill him and he ran away from that situation. Thornhill kept doing his investigation, but couldn't find anything. Once Thornhill was in Eve's hotel room, he figured out she planned to go to an auction, as per her talk on the phone and by shading on the notepad. There he found out that Eve is working with Vabdamm. He felt insecure and created a way to call the police there in order to save himself by participating in wrong action at the auction. Police arrived at that place and arrested him and took him to a professor, instead of the police station. He revealed the truth about Vabdamm and Eve and also mentioned that Eve's life is at risk. Thornhill met Eve at Mount Rushmore and Eve shot him as per their plan. They later met each other on the way. Thornhill went to the house where Eve was and heard the talk between Vabdamm and his partner and started gaining Eve's attention by throwing a matches. He got success after several trials and talked with her. They planned to escape from there. They succeed to escape, but Vabdamm and his partner were following them. They jumped from the Mount Rushmore because they were being followed. They were saved and they met at the end, creating a happy…show more content…
In the article, ‘Why North by Northwest is Essential’, Scott McGee, Jeff Stafford, and Lang Thompson wrote that story is exactly the same film which he was expecting while writing its screenplay. In any film, screenplay plays the most important role which can either get success or failure. "A succession of macabre situations that shock, amaze, perplex, and anger our once-debonair hero” (Weiler Par. 3). The suspense was tremendous in this film. The mixture of Hitchcock and Lehman made an extraordinary suspenseful, thrilling, and romantic film. In the famous Crop Duster scene, there was no dialogue at all. There was just a plane and Thornhill, yet it is a memorable scene of all the time. According to Ehrentein, Hitchcock once said, to him the meaning of films are to put the audience in it. “Hitchcock detailing the scene, as well as a document from the film’s cinematographer that maps out of all 61 camera angles” (Renee Par. 1). Hitchcock used 61 different camera angles at Mount Rushmore, which is not an easy task. Hitchcock had created a set of mount Rushmore on which Lisa was jumping with high heels. Hitchcock displayed that scene with a proper timing, so he had Lisa’s shoes broke down so she was barefooted all the time in that

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