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Within the two texts, either hiding the truth or revealing the truth leads to disastrous consequences. As secrecy leads to guilt and remorse we see characters struggling with the truth, whilst exposure or threat of exposure, intimidates characters into keeping it. However, this does not mean justice is always served. In ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore’, for example, justice is complicated by the nature of the plays characters. That is to say, although the incestuous desires of Giovanni and Anabella are wrong, there is no truly likeable or morally righteous character within Parma so it is hard for audiences to choose the moral upper ground. It is therefore extremely ironic within the closing scene that Donado describes the tragic murders as a “Strange miracle of justice”. This phrase sits uncomfortably with audiences as Anabella - who had finally repented- and her innocent unborn child is murdered, Vasques – a devious plotter and murderer is freed, Richardettos part in Bergettos murder is never discovered and…show more content…
On the other hand, their true relationship was not kept entirely secret. Admittedly only a few chosen characters know of the incestuous relationship between the brother and sister to begin with and we do see them, particularly the Friar and later Putana, grapple with the secret they have been forced to keep. If this deception had been avoided with the couple revealing their forbidden affair nearer to the beginning, it is possible the play would not have had such a tragic ending. However, with Giovanni’s dramatic reveal in the final act, we do see that there are always consequence to exposing the truth. However, we must note that it could also be argued that these consequences are only due to the crime being so

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