Informative Speech On Northern White Rhinos

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The northern white rhino as you can see here(picture) has a beautiful rocky greyish skin. It has strong legs and a with a little curvy tail and small pointy ears. This rhinos comes close right behind the elephant and the hippo weighing with the third highest weight. It comes close cutting ast only 1,700-2,400kg. An impressive weight for one who's on the endangered list. The Northern White Rhinos come from and are mostly found in east and central africa as well as in the region of the sahara. They are mostly found grazing the grass usually in grasslands and savanna woodlands as seen in the image. However, things have changed since back in the 2000’s. Treasure this image because soon if we don’t take action there will be all gone. Many people may think rhinos are invisible and strong, but just like every other animal they die at some point. According to Wildscreen Arkive, a website informing and raising money on rhinos says,…show more content…
So why are these rhinos so important you may ask? Well to start it off every single rhinos makes an impact on the ecosystem. Ecosystems are very complicated and with the loss of a subspecies can impact it in some negative ways. So instead of wondering the effects of such a loss we should keep it safe and do our best to preserve endangered species such as the northern white rhino. When protecting this subspecies of rhino you're not only protecting them but the habitat, the food and what resides in that habitat such as insects, birds, flowers and what not. Also, rhinos bring in attraction from visitors and tourist. According to Save the Rhino, an organization looking to protect all species of rhinos states, “...rhinos attract tourists who bring money to national parks and local communities”, meaning they are helping out just by being

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