The Water Cycle

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1. The learning goals for this second grade lesson pertaining to the water cycle were met. Objectives included identifying the four stages of the water cycle, explaining the events that happen in each stage and the use various text features to locate presented information efficiently. Students displayed an understanding of the learning goals through both the formative assessments and the post assessment. After watching the introductory video, students were able to effectively describe the stages and events of the water cycle Student collaboration and participation was high and all presented answers were accurate. Additionally, the post assessment foldable helped to display students understanding, as each flap included a definition and illustration of the four stages of the water cycle. After collecting and examining the foldables, it is clear that the learning goals were met as students…show more content…
The students were provided with a supportive environment to help meet their individual needs during the instruction and activity portions of the lesson. During the instructional segment, the students were each assigned an individual topic of the water cycle. During the clip, each table wrote down the overarching concepts pertaining to their identified stage. Students of all learning levels were met for example during this activity due to the amount of information presented in the video. Certain concepts were more challenging to understand. Therefore, students who struggled with new concepts listened for information about precipitation, while the at grade level students listened and took notes about the evaporation and condensation stage of the lesson. Students who were above grade level listened to the YouTube clip for information about collection. The topic of collection was not explicitly stated within the video and the students needed to rely on brief statements and contextual clues to find the answer. In this way, the students were individually

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