Essay On Life Without Water

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Introduction In this paper, I have selected water, one of the material cycles studied. It is not conceivable of life without water. Inquiry after inquiry to find another life on other planets is premised on the notion that if scientists can find signs of water on any planet in our universe, then there is the possibility of life, such as mars. a.What are the most considerable impacts you make? We know how the heat from the Sun leads to evaporation through rays on the oceans and seas. When water evaporates to form clouds, these clouds will then in turn form into rain. The rain falls and helps plants to grow and eventually to form more mists and clouds and rain, the cycle continues. If water is not available, there is a draught. There will be less food grown; people will lose jobs and people are forced to move causing a fiscal impact on the already distressed economies. Migration flows from hard-hit drought areas has a tendency to cause insecurity in areas of…show more content…
However, to reduce the use of water in any form also has implication to my life. Such reduction may include deciding to either use a shower or the bath, shower once a week, use less electricity, reduce cooking to once a day but the question is how do you balance comfort and community benefits. If I turned off security lights, what about my security. My life will be affected significantly, in trying to reduce the impact. It is elusive a savvy to identify the best ways to save the environment without changing my way of life. If you stress excessively over the environment you need in individual solace; on the other hand, if you take to less stress of our environment we might get later on perhaps the negative outcomes not intended of our way of life. But it is basic that in my everyday decisions I have to think about the environment, say electricity use and bath or
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