The Importance Of Biogeochemical Cycles

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Biogeochemical cycles are the repeating circular paths of the chemical elements in ecosystems. Ecosystems are constantly powered by solar energy. The energy bound by the producers, after being transformed into chemical, flows in "one-way", through the food chains, to the various consumer levels and to the decomposers. On the contrary the material available in the biosphere is limited and the chemical elements that are necessary for the synthesis of the chemical compounds, on which the structures and functions of the organisms depend, must be circulated so that they become available again. Water is an essential element for all living organisms. More that ¾ of the planet are consisted of water, but unfortunately only 1% is available through rivers…show more content…
Or the reuse of body and face towels; this reduces the volume of laundry and the uses of the washing machine. We can insist on this and when staying in a hotel. Ask to have your towels replaced only when you think is necessary. In order to maintain the water cycle we need to make sacrifices no matter small or big, they all play a part in the environment. We live in a demanding and competitive environment where we have prioritised consuming and showing off. For the majority of people it will be difficult to balance personal choices with environmental considerations since they think that water is abundant. As I have mentioned above the production of paper demands large quantities of wood and by extension trees and water. Since paper is useful it will be hard to imagine a world without it. Nonetheless, paper is a recyclable product and as soon as it‘s been collected can be reused through the appropriate

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