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Ecology is a worldwide living organism and how they act and cooperate together in the environment. Here my Question, “Why is ecosystem ecology related to how and why the population changes over time? In the environment, many organisms need to consume energy in order to survive, help their growth and reproduce. The organism that obtains energy and changing it into a form that living cells can use are called autotrophs which refers to algae, bacteria and plants. One way is by photosynthesis, which an autotrophs attain energy from the sunlight and converts it into Co2 and Oxygen. Other way is by chemosynthesis, which an autotrophs lives in the darker and deeper place uses chemical energy to produce carbohydrates shown in (Figure 1-1).…show more content…
In water cycle, water constantly progress between the ocean, sky, land, and internal and external of the organisms. The following steps are the process of the water cycle. At first, water cycle starts with evaporation. During the process, water in the surface such as river or ocean gets heated and turns into a water vapor in order to shift from hydrosphere to atmosphere. Then second step of water cycle begins which is called condensation. In Condensation, water vapor rises up to the atmosphere and alters to a small particle of water which forms the cloud. In the third step of water cycle, precipitation, the cloud cannot hold any more water so in this process water droplets falls as a rain. Therefore, the water enters lithosphere. As the water is being precipitated, some of the water is absorbed by soil leading to plant and goes into the progress of transpiration. However, this step is very similar as evaporation, but only that the extra water absorbed by plants turns into water vapor and be expose to the atmosphere again. The final step of the water cycle is runoff, where the water that was poured during precipitation combines with river and runs to the ocean, entering hydrosphere. So on, the water cycle will continuously repeat these

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