Realistic Training Essay

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This training offers realistic training in a correctional facility setting and that is a major benefit for the special response team. Special response teams need training that is incident specific (Carlton & Garrett, 2008). The event is free to attend, but there would be costs associated with overtime to cover the staff attending, salary of the attendees, travel, lodging, and per diem expenses for attendees (Whyte, 2010). Realistic training such as this is invaluable and is worth the cost. Training is often one of the first line items cut in a budget, but it has the potential to save the most money. In today’s litigious society, failure to train lawsuits are common. In law enforcement, studies have shown decreasing training increases long term costs and there is no reason to think that this is any different for correctional officers. Keller (n.d.) discusses how to use a cost versus benefit analysis on training. The total cost of providing the training is weighed against the potential savings that could result. Even a frivolous lawsuit will cost a facility $12,000 to defend and that’s assuming the facility prevails (Legal Ethics and Reform, n.d.). The cost of four days of expenses to send staff members to this training would be less than the cost to successfully defend…show more content…
It is critical to have officers that have the tactical knowledge if it is ever needed. De-escalation is always the best option, but circumstances do not always allow for it. A correctional facility must have officers that are trained for a tactical response to a critical incident that may occur in its facility. This training is conducted in an actual correctional facility setting and features real-life scenarios that officers are likely to face (Whyte,
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