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1.1 Hydroponics technology Hydroponics is method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water without soil. Hydroponics gardening is best way to grow vegetables, fruits plants without soil. Hydroponics Garden can be grown outdoors, indoors, and even in small space. Hydroponics allow for crops to grow in areas where growing traditionally has been problem. The place where soil condition is poor, where water is a minimum, farm land is too expensive [ ]. Hydroponic gardening is probably a better, faster way to grow plants than growing plants in soil. Hydroponics produces better testing, more nutritional results with an efficient use of water and fertilizer. Hydroponics technique save land , hydroponic allows…show more content…
Crop may be damage due to bad weather condition. Use of fertilizer: because the use of chemical fertilizer land is rapidly destroying, becoming infertile, making thin farmland. Hydroponics is a technology of agriculture that grows plant without soil. It is alternative method of traditional farming. Hydroponics improves crop productivity. 1. Hydroponics uses less fertilizer to feed their plants because the nutrient supply can be easily controlled by automated hydroponics system. While traditional farming use more fertilizer. 2. Hydroponics system uses less water. Since the requirement of water is less and the supply of water can be controlled by automated hydroponics system. Water regularly recycles in hydroponics. Thus hydroponics saves water cost. While much of water waste in traditional farming because the water cannot be re-cycle in traditional farming method. 3. Hydroponics system save the time and cost of labor because whole system is automated while the traditional farming method require lot of hard work. 4. Hydroponics techniques save space this is advantages of those people who live city. They can grow fruits,

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