Spanish Eucharistic Liturgy Research Paper

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Spanish Eucharistic Liturgy Eucharistic Liturgy is not a regular event in my schedule because I come from a Buddhist family. A big part of my family’s religion is the Lunar New Year in which we visit multiple Buddhist temples, but we do not attend their services regularly. This Sunday I attended a Eucharistic celebration at Holy Cross Catholic Church entirely in Spanish with my friend who regularly attends. Being a person unfamiliar with both the language and attending a Sunday Mass, this was an extremely unique experience for me. The biggest barrier in comprehending the Mass was the language difference. Although I am quite knowledgeable of the process of a Mass due to being enrolled in Catholic school my entire life, it was slightly confusing when trying to understand a language I have no knowledge about. At the beginning of the Mass, the people are greeted by the priest at the door. In the Church is an altar dedicated to Mother Mary, and people walk up to it to pray before sitting and leaving the building. Stain glass is not the main architecture usually found in most Churches, but a cross hanging behind the altar on the wall immediately caught my attention. The priest approached the rows of people and began to strike up conversation with them. My biggest question during the service was, “What are they saying?” According to my…show more content…
Despite having a language barrier, I felt a connection with the priest because of how much he reached out to the crowds; this is especially apparent when he avoids being covered by the altar, and repeatedly walks out into the congregation. This was different than what I see in Central’s Mass since the arrangement of lots of people makes it harder for special connections with the crowd to occur. There was a power to this connection I felt without really understanding the words spoken, yet I still somehow retained a message of joy and

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