The Seven Years War: Causes Of The Revolutionary War

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The Seven Years War was a huge factor into why the Revolution war was fought. There were numerous conflicts and lasting effects due to the Seven Years War. Originally, the colonists and the British joined forces to fight the Indians and French. The main goal was to decide who gained control of the area between the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains. During wartime however, the colonists and British had some conflicts themselves. Unfortunately, these conflicts ultimately lead to the Revolutionary War fought between the colonists and the British. It all started when the Proclamation of 1763 was passed. Its purpose was to give the land West of the Appalachians to the Indians, since the colonists took the coastal area. However, the colonists were not happy about this. They did not understand why the British gave the Indians all of this land after the they had killed so many colonists. As a result, many revolts and conflicts arose. The colonists decided to not follow the proclamation anyways. A sense of American nationalism and pride began to spread among colonists. They started to find more and more things that…show more content…
There were not a lot of places they could save money, especially if they wanted to continue fighting. To help lower their debt, they decided to start taxing the colonists. To do this, they first passed the Sugar act and then the Stamp act. Although these acts had their differences, both of them allowed the British to tax the colonists. Colonists were extremely upset about these new acts which led to revolt and opposition. The Stamp Act was eventually repealed but that was not the end of it. The British then passed the Townshend Acts which was an increase in taxes on lead, glass, paint, paper, and tea. The colonists responded with the Nonimportation Acts. During this, they refused to buy any British products. After this, the Tea Act is passed which leads to the famous Boston Tea
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