How Did The American Revolution Influence The Revolutionary War

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The American Revolution or also known as the American Revolutionary War is a topic that many historians had argued over as the perspectives of many sides were ignored and over shadowed by the colonists’ point of view. This is because the colonists’ point of view was considered the most important by most people as the colonists were the main force that directly fought with the British in the revolutionary war. But in fact, most of the other groups’ perspectives were important as well because most of them had the same agenda during the American Revolution. The American Revolution was influenced by a series of unplanned events which include The Great Awakening, The Seven Years War, and a number of laws and taxes imposed on the 13 colonies by the British parliament which…show more content…
This is due to the fact that Great Britain imposed numerous taxes on their 13 colonies in order to increase their total revenue and pay off the debt that had been piled up because of the Seven Year war. The taxes or also known as “acts” had made an outrage among the colonists when they were implemented. Taxes such as the sugar act in1764, the Stamp act of 1765, Townshend acts of 1767, and the tea act of 1773 were imposed on numerous colonies such as Boston which was an important trading depot at the time. The Boston Massacre was used as propaganda in newspapers that was circulated among the colonies. The tea act had led to an uproar among the Bostonians. In defiance of the tea act, the Sons of Liberty some disguised as Native Americans destroyed an entire shipment of tea sent by the East India Company by boarding their ships and tossing crates of tea overboard. In retaliation to this, the British Parliament passed the Coercive acts or also known as the Intolerable acts to punish the Bostonians. This further deteriorated the already strained relationship between the colonists and Great
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