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A literary technique used by many authors is to make the protagonist a flawed character, but still highly likeable and admirable. One such author is George Orwell. Orwell uses this technique in his descriptions of Winston Smith in his novel, 1984. Admirable can be defined as deserving of respect, and approval. In addition, one is admirable they deserve to have others that would look to them as a role model, and aspire to be like them. Despite his many flaws, admirable is a word that could be used to describe Winston for his strength and perseverance throughout the novel in doing what he believed was right. As it was earlier stated, Winston smith is an imperfect character. He was in poor health for his somewhat young age of thirty-nine.…show more content…
The other two countries are Eurasia, and Eastasia, and the trio are constantly switching enemies and alliances in the constant ongoing wars over disputed land. Oceania is an extraordinarily oppressive government, where the citizens are watched over every minute of every day through telescreens, which also constantly show propaganda to brainwash the people into loving the Party, and their leader, Big Brother. Winston works in the ministry of the truth, where he alters historical documents so they fit the Party’s description of the past. In order to deal with their inevitable contradictions of themselves, the Party used a tool called doublethink. The concept of doublethink is simple; it allows two conflicting pieces of data to be in one mind, but the person chooses to believe the one that the party says is true. An example of this is when a party member was giving a speech about the war with Eastasia and how they have always been at war with Eastasia, but midway through his speech, the war turned sides and he had to say later in the speech that they are, and have always been with war with Eurasia. Most people, including Winston would recognise that he just contradicted himself, however since the citizens of Oceania had been brainwashed and mastered the concept of double think, they believed him without skipping a

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