How Did The Seven Years War Affect The British Empire

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The British Empire was the most dominate population in the 18th century. They had the strongest army, the most riches, and the highest population. They were a very advanced society that was always searching for ways to bigger the empire; by doing that they would have to make some difficult decisions. Some of them, which caused wars and a lot of hate towards the British, and some that strictly affected the British colonies, which caused a lot of issues. The Seven Years war had a strong effect on the British Empire because it put the British in a lot of debt and they needed a way to get out of debt, which was one of the major consequences of the American Revolution. With the corruption that followed after the Seven Year war with the empire and the colonies it was a matter of time before the Americans and the British turned against each…show more content…
The British did not respond to the colonist’s grievances and instead increased the military control, further frustrating the colonists. It made the colonists feels like they lost all their freedom and rights that they once had. The military took full control of the colonies and in a way took the British were telling the colonists that they had no independence which made the colonists want to rebel against the empire. Liberty, independence and identity were all lost once the military came to the colonies. The Quartering Act was a perfect example of how to colonists lost their freedom within the colony. Britain ordered that colonists were to house and feed British soldiers. It permitted soldiers to live in colonist’s houses. It gave soldiers the right to storm into a colonist's house and take over without their consent, demanding food, clothing, weapons, etc. Colonists lost their freedom, they had a soldier just living in their house taking advantage of the act. They got away with many things and colonists had no control over the power of the

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