Big Ideas Vs. Events: North American Revolution

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Sarah Isse Blk 3, Heimlich 02-02-15 Big Idea’s V Events: North American Revolution: 1754-1781 The North American revolution was a political conflict between the 13 colonies and Great Britain, where the American Colonies rejected the English monarchy and overthrew the Great Britains authority. THe revolution was result of a series of political, social, as well as intellectual transformations that took place during this era. The North American Revolution is significant because it established the United States as an independent country as well as inspiring other regions across Europe and Latin America based on Enlightenment ideals. French Revolution: 1989-1799 The French Revolution was a social and political upheaval in France that came after…show more content…
The French Revolution also released a series of global conflicts that spread from the caribbean and the Middle East. Haitian Revolution: 1791-1804 The Haitian Revolution was a slave revolt in the French colony of St Domingo, which ended slavery. The revolution started of with a revolt of African slaves on April of 1791. It ended on November of 1803 with the French defeat at the Battle of Vertières. Haiti later became an independent country on January 1, 1804, with Jean-Jacques Dessalines being chosen become the governor-general. The Haitian revolution was significant because it was the first successful slave revolt in modern times and Haiti is the only nation where slave freedom was taken by force. Hatti was also the second independent nation in America after European colonization. Russian Revolution of…show more content…
People: Napolean Bonapart: 1769-1821 Napoleon Bonaparte was a french political and military leader who rose to power in the latter parts of the French revolutionary war. After the French revolution he ruled as Emperor of the French for 10 years. He was one of the most celebrated leaders in history because he revolutionized military organization and training, as well as sponsoring the Napoleonic Code, and he reorganized education as well as establishing the long-lived Concordat with the papacy. Napoleon Bonaparte was significant because he tried to conquer and unify Europe during the napoleonic wars and was almost successful. His also significant because after the napoleonic wars, it changed much of the geopolitical set up of Europe. Earl Johnston: 1871-1917 Earl Johnston was born in New Zealand but was a British military general during world war 1. He commanded the first Infantry Brigade as well as the third New Zealand Brigade. He was also one of three New Zealand brigadier generals killed during WWI. Francais Earl Johnston was significant because he was the commanding officer of the New Zealand Brigade, as well as the commanding officer for the 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade and he served on the North Staffordshire

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