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I begin this profile, walking into the gate of the H.O.G. house around eleven fifty a.m., as you enter you are greeted by organic aromas of basmati rice, grilling salmon and sautéed red onions filling the air. To the left side of the yard I see dogs playing in a small fenced-in patch of grass. Workers are scurrying back and forth like ants back and forth from their mound. Doing final prep work on food orders, also confirming additional orders as they receive them via text, email, and by phone call. At noon the sound of cars starting awaiting the workers to finish packing large pizza-hut like warming boxes to take food on the road for deliveries. Jared, a high school friend of mine is playing basketball against his younger brother Gus. Jared…show more content…
league, which works in correlation with the Olympics as a developmental league for elite high school soccer athletes. The league determines who will compete internationally as the national team that will represent the United States in competition. Finally focusing on track and field as a high jumper for his senior year of high school then on to college. Josh’s stature is indicative of a very active person whose physique upon first glance but doesn’t seem to fit the stereotypical personal trainer build. He doesn’t carry over exaggerated arms, boasted back muscles or a vein filled swollen neck. His build resembles more of the sports in which participated in like soccer and track and field athlete. His legs are just developed or than his arms. His physique would bring to mind the thought of strong with a purpose. As customers walk in and out of the yard Josh, during sessions talks and greets everyone as if he has known them for some years, he says,” he’s a very lovable guy” when I asked him about it. Without explanation of that phrase from as he continued his session, I gathered that the statement by him meant he likes to make everyone feel comfortable and loved when they meet him. Josh likes to start his personal training sessions by sitting down and talking for ten to fifteen minutes. He asks his client’s questions like what did you eat yesterday, today? Or how did that meal feel on you? What were the ingredients used of what you prepared? Did you eat out? What was your activity level like? . He tells me the open-ended questions allow for conversation to begin and all of these questions are set up for, as Josh would say “the client to feel their body and to answer the questions from an honest and thoughtful

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