Revolutionary War: The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian War was a major cause of the Revolutionary War. The French and Indian War last from 1756 to 1763. The war was called the 7 years war also. The war was called the French and Indian War because of the foes England faced in the war. England was up against their European rival France and their Indian allies. The main reason for the French and Indian War was that France and England were competing for the most powerful country in Europe. Both of these countries had claimed land in North America. However the tensions truly began when France expanded in the Ohio River Valley. The British had claims of this territory. The British then sent Major George Washington to get the French off British land. Although the French also thought…show more content…
Also known as the 7 Years War in Europe it showed the long time conflict between England and France. The french seemed to have control of the war until England’s new leader William Pitt thought the war would be a great way for England to build a very large empire. The british’s first major victory was at louisburg. Amazingly only a month later the British captured Fort Frontenac. However the French had a stronghold in Quebec. As the great british general James Wolfe and his men closed in on Quebec a battle seemed intimate. Incredibly the british scaled a huge cliff that was above Quebec. By doing this the british fought on better ground than the french resulting in a dramatic victory for the british. However general James Wolfe was killed by a cannon shot. This battle loosened the grip the french had on Canada. The british then put the nail in the coffin with a victory in montreal. This victory discarded the french from Canada. In 1763 the war ended with the Treaty of Paris. The treaty was between the french, british, and spain.This treaty forced the french to lose their grip on Canada. The treaty also gave louisiana to Spain. England received a bigger empire as William Pitt had foreseen. They received florida from the spanish. Also England received some of canada from the french. The thirteen american colonies were made stronger by this treaty because it eliminated european countries in North America.This treaty marked the end of the French and Indian
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