Tensions Resulting From The French-Indian War

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Tensions resulting from the French-Indian War The French-Indian War was fought not between the French and Indians, like many might think, but between the French and the British. Each side “interpreted events in the Ohio Valley as sinister proof of the enemy’s intent to attack and rob them of their rightful possessions” (Fowler 10). That was the issue, both the British and the French thought the Ohio Valley was their land. In 1753, the French built forts along the Ohio River to try to claim the land from the British (Baylous 1). The British disagreed with their claims and the fighting began (Baylous 1). After many unsuccessful conflicts that resulted in a number of defeats, the British and colonies eventually took victory of the war in 1763 (Brinkley 111). Many events occurring during the French-Indian War generated tension between the colonies and their mother country (Ward 260). How did the French-Indian War create tensions that led to the Revolutionary War? Soon after the war had begun the British believed that the colonies needed to unite if they were going to have any chance at success in this war and defending themselves from the Indians. In 1754, England ordered the colonies to send delegates to the Albany Congress where Pennsylvania’s delegate, Benjamin Franklin, proposed the idea…show more content…
The conflicts between the British colonies and Great Britain started long before the war actually happen, many of which happened during or in result of the French-Indian War. The Albany Plan of Union, Treaty of Paris (1763), Proclamation of 1763, and the British’s war debt, together united the colonies and made them aware that they could cooperate and move towards their common goal more successfully. They allowed the colonists to focus on their independence rather than protection from the French and Indians. The French-Indian War played a vital part in our country’s revolution and

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