The Role Of Sensationalism In The News Media

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Sensationalism in the news media has been around for many years, where journalists and news reporters present news stories in a way that is intended to arouse public interest or excitement, which at times may cause a manipulation to the truth of a story. According to George Taber, former business editor at Time magazine and co-founder and editor of NJBIZ, sensation sells, and people are more interested in the latest crime than they are in the development of a new form of energy (KWHS, 2017). He also noted that, over the time, mainstream publications began to attract readers and advertisers, yet owners of media organizations have always condemned that it is a difficult task. However, small publications are the first one to succumb to sensational news reporting and the temptation exists for bigger publications too, he added.…show more content…
Initially, sensationalism was targeted to the audience of lower class, who had less of a need to accurately understand politics and the economy. Hence, sensational news was brought to occupy them in other matters. He also claimed that the audience was further educated and encouraged to take more interest in the news (Stephens and Mitchell, 2007). Over the years, the element of sensationalism in the newspaper media begin to grow among the readers due to its attention-grabbing rhetorical techniques, as well as the use of “shock value” in the process of reporting. Additionally, the substantial usage of dramatic reporting tones, bold headlines, bright colours, vividly explicit graphics and visuals are among the factors that contributed to the development of sensationalism in the newspaper

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