The Portrayal Of Journalists In All The President's Men

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Journalistic circle is so complex it is impossible to emerge one particular image of a journalist that will unerringly represent every one of them. They deliver the news to the public, therefore it is important that they are credible and accurate. Journalists play also a significant role of watchdogs, critically investigating actions undertaken by a government. A portrait of crusaders is represented in All The President’s Men where reporters Woodward and Bernstein uncover Watergate Scandal. Undeniably, there are journalists who earnestly serve the public interest and fulfill their role, however there are many arguments proving that contemporary journalism walks away from its vocation and focus on sensationalism rather than serious issues.…show more content…
On one hand there are a few great figures in journalism industry who represent good work ethics and excellent level of investigative journalism, however, there are also many examples of journalists not respecting basic rules of reporting – for example Jayson Blair, a former journalist with The New York Times. Furthermore, contemporary media have their focus on scandals, blunders and minor things done by politicians and celebrities instead of reporting ‘hard news’ – issues that have some value. Lastly, it is unreasonable to call journalists watchdogs and crusaders when they fraternize with politicians, thus they produce stories that are manipulated to serve the interest of the government, not the

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