Tourism Opportunities In Johannesburg

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Tourism opportunities Johannesburg Johannesburg is traditionally not known for being a destination for tourists. But the city is the crossing point for other countries. Many flights stop in Johannesburg in order to carry on to other destinations. There for the country is developing and getting better throughout the years. For example there are new museums, what is really attractive to some people, like the apartheid museum, hector museum and the Nelson Mandela museum. Besides the cultural side the city also consists of big malls such as Sandton city, Nelson Mandela square and various flea markets. Johannes burg also has a lot of beautiful historical theaters. Those are a few examples of the many things you can do there. Johannesburg has a lot more to offer. All of those thing actually need to be discover by more people. That’s why the Olympics should be held here in Johannesburg. This would be really great for the city and would offer a whole world of new opportunities. This kind of mega sports event brings a lot of…show more content…
The numbers say that there was a major increase in visitors that’s year and also an increase in the spending of the visitors. Numbers tell us that there was at least an increased with 150.000 in visitors that year, that’s a rise of 1.1% compared to the previous year. Also the London’s expenditures increased that year with 7.0% what eventually was a big boost for the tourism opportunities in that city. Besides that it also show that even after the Olympics the amount of visitors was still growing more and more. The yeas after that’s there was still an increase in visitors of at least 8%. The attraction to London still continues. The numbers show us that the Olympics had real beneficial effect on London. This proves even more that it also will be positive thing for Johannesburg.

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