Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

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What is real? What is Human? The central themes of most of Phillip K Dick’s writing seem to raise these two questions (Dick, Official site). Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep also raises these questions and possible distinguishing characteristics of the real and the fake. While the direct voice of the novel is on technological advances and its effects on the mankind, the undertone is a satire on the society and its ways. The story is set in the post world war terminal times when radioactive dust severely affects people, leading to emigration of the humans to Mars now known as New America. Rick Deckard the main character of the novel works for the San Francisco police as a bounty hunter retiring androids which sneaked out of Mars.…show more content…
These androids were organic humanoid robots especially the Nexus-6 types described in the book were designed with a high intellectual capacity but they had their limitation to empathize like humans. While is evident that the androids clearly lacked empathy, there is also an indication that even human beings were getting less empathetic. Rick Deckard for example, intends to possess animals more out of desire to establish a social status. Other bounty hunter Phil Resch isn’t particularly bothered by his job of retiring androids and is able to do his job without having any empathy towards the androids. The followers of Mercerism (the religion followed during that time) would use an empathy box to connect themselves to the humanity through empathy. Dick connects a lot of events in his novel to the current situation in an indirect way. Even today the capitalism is leading people to be more self-centered and anti-social. Another interesting and sort of humorous incident was use of mood organ to change moods. “He (Rick Deckard) dialed 594: pleased acknowledgement of husband’s superior wisdom in all matters. On his own console he dialed for a creative and fresh attitude toward his job” (Dick 7). This is a satire on how human beings today are getting detached from what classifies as them human; empathy and ability to feel their

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