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Imagine you are in a sports stadium surrounded by thousands of spectators watching a sports game. Each side of the stadium cheers for their team and players enthusiastically. Depending on action of players, the audiences either go wild or get gloomy. At the end of the game, the players either get celebrated or consoled. What sport do you have in your mind? Have you considered it as a video game match? Yes, the video games that people play every day, such as FIFA, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, and Overwatch, are regarded as a form of sports: esports. As the number of gamers has increased because of easier access to internet and electronic devices, the game industry has organized game leagues…show more content…
The basic system of regular sports, such as baseball or soccer, is run by a professional league regulated by a certain organization with several teams supported by sponsors. For instance, in the United States, the MLB is a league for baseball involving thirty teams. Every team is formed by athletes, coaches, and managers. Every sport has their specific stadiums. Depending on their ability, popularity of the sports, and finance of sponsors, their salaries are arranged. After a season ends, players become free agents, which is free status in market to negotiate with any teams. There are prospects, newbies with potential, learning from key players and coaches. National teams are competing in the World Cups and Olympics. These are the basic mechanisms that every sport contains. Esports are not different than other sports systematically. There are individual leagues for each nation. For instance, the LCK is a Korean league of a game called League of Legends. Teams are supported by sponsors and organized with gamers, coaches, and managers. Systems of salaries and prospects are the same as other sports. Although not many people know, there are a specific stadiums for esports, and there is also the World Cup or Olympic for esports called Intel Extreme Masters. Sports and esports have similar systems. Cognizance of the similarities and structure of the esports must be the first step…show more content…
There are news stories about how a person died or had serious conditions of health due to excessive playing time. In a Korean news story, a teenager died by playing games about sixty hours non-stop. Because of the news, the perspective of game became negative. It was an inconsistency reaction made by existing prejudices of games because the death can occur with any exercise. Imagine playing soccer sixty hours non-stop; Death even before filling up all sixty hours would happen. Imagine eating more than 60 hours non-stop. Eating is essential activity in order to live; however, it could cause death. Should eating and playing soccer be prohibited by with negative views? By managing amount of time spent, the activities can cause positive effects. Playing soccer an hour every day will improve stamina. Playing games can also cause positive outcome. It can be a solution to stress and discontent of society. The highest rated game by metacritics, which is the best rating entertainments website, is Grand Theft Auto. The reason that Grand Theft Auto has been the best games for five years is it simply solves anger, discontent, and stress by achieving practically impossible activities, such as buying supercars and aircrafts, killing haters, and owning businesses. These desires were solved by novels and musics visually and acoustically. However, games can fill up the fantasy visually, acoustically, and practically. The

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