Racial Identities W. E. B Dubois Summary

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Racial Identities In W.E.B. Du Bois essay Racial Identities (1911) he is describing how society views us by putting us in certain racial, religion, gender and social categories. Under Identities And Norms in his essay Racial Identities, Du Bois states that "If what matters about me is my individual and authentic self why is so much contemporary talk of identity about large categories - race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality- that seem so far from individual?" (54) Du Bois is talking about everyday struggles of both male, female and all races. Everyone has the right to be themselves. People should be able to act, dress and look however they want and also date whomever they want. Why should anyone have to change or hide different aspects of their lives in order to fit in and make society happy. The question is then raised why is it so important to be an individual or part of a group. "The distinction…show more content…
They do not let society dictate who they are as a person. They do what they see fit to please themselves. No one can control the way they act, speak, look dress or who they date. A validation is not needed nor is it required for them to feel comfortable in their own skin and live their lives the way they want. This means they have the freedom to choose their own way, make their own decisions, based on their own criteria, as well as the responsibility to personally accept the consequences of their own choices. In order to step back from public opinion, they have to create their way of entertainment, if that means writing a book, making their own music, or creating anything that personalizes them. Without wanting nothing else than to just fill their life with something. Who an individual is, is not determined by what others perceive them to be. Each person is unique and thus able to discern the true, the good and the beautiful path through life rather than blindly follow

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