North Korean Culture

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Culture is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “The customary beliefs of one culture, social forms, social group, or religious; also: The characteristic features of everyday existence, such a way of life, shared by a group of people in a place or time”. Culture is unique in the world of nature; it is only adapted by humans. People that share a culture can relate to one another and often, experience “culture shock” when immersed into a foreign culture such as North Korea. Merriam-Webster dictionary. (2016) It is very important for military officers and enlisted soldiers to understand the culture of common destinations in which the United States military looks to occupy. It helps the military to relate to the people and gains their trust and…show more content…
All Korean families following the teachings of Confucius firmly believing that the father must make all decision making when it comes to the health, food, safety and marriage of all his family members. North Koreans use a Hierarchical structure within their family. Once the eldest son becomes of age he will help his father with family matters and must obey his wishes. The Korean women are not allowed to indulge in decision making for the family and only males should handle all the external affairs for the family. All family welfare is the first and foremost goal of every family member. Confucius has a deep impact on Koreans and this is why they believe in honor, loyalty, sincerity and duty. Koreans believe in following protocols in all walks of life when it comes to meeting, praying, eating or even celebrating is very important to the Korean people. Let us have a look at different Korean etiquette in this essay. Bowing is equivalent to a handshake in all Korean culture, showing respect to the you are meeting with. Gifts have remained a big part of their culture always give a gift according to the affordability of the other person that’s receiving the gift because Koreans firmly believe in reciprocating make sure you select the right gift and always consider the following. The number seven is considered to be a lucky number…show more content…
One of the highest peaks, on the volcanic Mountain Baekdu is the Paektu-san, located on its northern most border with China, and rises to the high of 9,002 ft. Having a wide coastal plain along the west coast, Similar to South Korea, dozens of small islands on the western coastline dot the sea. The eastern coast sits right on The Sea of Japan, this is where North Korea’s lowest point with it at 0 m, narrow plains rise into the mountains. North Korea's longest river is the Yulu which is a main passage for supplies and support, along with other large rivers include the Tumen, Taedang and Imjin. The climate of this region has a Cold, dry winters and hot, humid often rainy summers characterize North Korea’s continental climate. At P’yǒngyang the capital, located in the southwestern on the plains of the country, the average temperature in July is 75°F. Almost directly east, Wǒnson lies near the shore of the Sea of Japan. Here, the average temperature in winter is 25°F. Tarun, Goel (2015) This essay will help to shed light on the culture in North Korea to any military personnel that would like to gain knowledge behind this country. Many key points that define the North Korean culture have been discussed, including race, religion, language, economic status, and customs. These are important to know when traveling to any foreign place; just as it is important to

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