Loss Of Memory In The Lost Mariner

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Many have thought to themselves “I wish I could just forget?” But once they forget they might think about it differently when the situation is pressed against them again, they might want to remember it after all. This is the struggle of Jimmie and Douglas, Douglas just wants to forget about his past life, but Jimmie would do anything to cure his memory loss, if he knew about it that is. When talking about our memories it is best not to forget, as all memories serve as powerful lessons and experiences. This essay focuses on the importance of good and bad experiences in life that impact us all. In The Lost Mariner , it shows us Jimmie; a case of a man with around eighteen years of his life still intact within his head. Unfortunately, ever since…show more content…
It can be caused by alcohol withdrawal, drug intake or pneumonia. Alcohol withdrawal is caused by immediately stopping drinking alcohol after you have a history of addiction. It can cause Sweating, Mild anxiety, Nausea and/or vomiting, Headache, insomnia and delirium tremens(DTs). This is important because his decision making and memory are still rather solid, he can play checkers and knows how to think strategically. Chess would wear him out though, because it takes too long and he would forget what he was doing. Delirium instead of Dementia affects him so greatly, he has his memories up until he was eighteen, this would be impossible with normal dementia. His skill at beating the Doctor in board games would have diminished. He would be so depersonalized towards his brother, he may not even recognize him. This would change Jimmie so drastically, that the Doctor would have been accurate calling jimmie a lost soul. Jimmie’s memories formed his entire being, they influenced his present decision making and what he might do next. He relied purely on his past memories, and as his present memories left him within two minutes, none of his intuitive decisions were based on his present knowledge. In this case, memories prevailed as his only sense of self and reason, both excellent and horrible experiences in his life shaped who he is and what he does. Though good and bad memories exist in his mind, they shape who he is and without them he would be a lost

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