Westland Health Center Case Study

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BACKGROUND Westland’s Health Centre is a non-profit making organization, which was opened in 1973 and was launched by MP of Parklands Dr.Mungai. it is sponsored by the Nairobi City Council. It is located in Nairobi Province, Westlands District and in the Parklands Division. Its main neighbourhood is The Sarit Center shopping mall. Mr. Ashford Thuranira, the Nursing Officer, now manages it. The main clients are The General public, Business community, Government and non- governmental agencies, Patients. Their majority of the Patients are mostly from the subdivisions of Westlands, Parklands, Kitusuru, Highridge, Kangemi, Kilimani, Uthiru, DeepSea and Lavington. The Health centre is a level 2 care facility centre with four main departments i.e. Outpatient department, Records office, Maternal and child health department and Maternity department. The Maternal and child health department have subunits, which are:…show more content…
The centre is been managed very well by the head and the staff is very supportive to him thus the organization is working very well compared to the centres in other districts. This can be noticed because all patients from other small towns prefer to visit this centre, as it is better and well managed. The other strength of the centre is that they are provided with some amounts of funds from the government, which they make it very useful in terms of buying detergents for cleaning the centre and this makes the place more hygienic for the patients to come to. They also receive ksh.2500 per every delivery that happens in the centre that therefore gives them an extra income and they should encourage more pregnant women to deliver there to get more of these funds and can provide better services to the patients. The health centre does receive some soft of support from the surrounding infrastructure, e.g. Safaricom provides them with water and other amenities if

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