Refugees Of Refugees

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Political Science-III SEMESTER-3rd Submitted By: SUBMITTED TO: RISHI GUPTA Mr. Nitesh choudhary 13BAL014 Asst. Professor SECTION-A REFUGEE: NO LAND’S MAN ABSTRACT: Refugees are the one of…show more content…
The population of world is divided into citizens protected by their state and people who are not members of a nation-state where they are residing currently. Immigrants constituted an economic form of migration, refugees a political form. This excludes them from mainstream country life. Sense of nation was developed and they were seen as illegal. The number and plight of refugees also increased due to formation of new state. People who left for other country generally which have better economic conditions, did not given any citizenship rights. One of the largest migrations in history, nearly 10 million people migrated, took place at the time of independence of India, which resulted in the division of British India into India and Pakistan. During process of migration as many as 10 million people died due to riot and starvation . An untold numbers of females suffered a fate which is worse and heinous than death -- they were subjected to rape, torture, gang-raped and even murdered. Many women had their breasts chopped off, others suffered the abuse and torture of their genitals -- in most cases leading to death. The Indian government now estimates that 83,000 women and girls were abducted and raped during Partition

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