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The hard knocks of a sport physician Being a Physician has always been one of my best interests. Ever since I was a kid I have wanted to be some type of sports doctor. As a kid the amount of people that get injured due to sports related injuries baffled me. I am also an athlete, being in health science classes help me better understand the way the body works and how it can recover from injuries. I occasionally go to work with my mom and ask the doctors about the most common injuries they get that are sports related. Being a sports physician is a passionate career that would like to pursue. A sports physician is one of the dream jobs of any man or growing teen. Sports physicians work with pro athletes in the prime of their career. The role…show more content…
The stress of the coaches knocking down your door trying to get all these injured players healthy for their next game or event. Sports physician have designated players so if their play is healthy and making right decisions then you are happy. If your player is making bad decisions and eating wrong and making poor chooses off the field or court the you are having to do more work on them, which stresses you out because you haven’t been home for hours because you are busy working. Many sports physicians maintain private practices in addition to their team-related responsibilities. That means you're frequently juggling schedules to accommodate your own patients and make some time for your family and friends. (Shmoop Editorial Team. Sports Physician: Stress) People may think that being a sports physician is a danger free zone. But it is not because you have a three hundred pound lineman sitting on a table while you are trying to get him back out on the field. On top of all of that you have the coach constantly nagging at you about getting their star player healthy. The real danger is during a game while your players are on the field get bumps and bruises. Being cautious is always a must. If you are the “sports doctor” for a whole team and you are on the sidelines and a player stumbles into you that is a high danger…show more content…
But when your annual salary is two hundred three thousand dollars you honestly don’t care what the dangers and how much stress there is in the occupation. But the pay doesn’t just start off that high, it all depends on what company you work for and how many players you treat. MD’s or medicine doctors get an increased pay as they go along in their career, which in the end is worth the wait. In 2011, a sports medicine doc who focused on treating athletes' non-surgical musculoskeletal ailments grossed just above two hundred forty thousand per year. The bottom ten percent of sports docs made slightly less than one hundred twenty thousand dollars, and the top few earned a rocking amount of three hundred- seventy five thousand dollars or more annually. The pay for a sports physician is worth the wait of going to college for eight to ten years. Once you pay off all of you college tuition it is smooth sailing from there on. Besides that when a team goes to a game you go with them which means private planes and expensive foods which is not costing you a cent. The life of a sports physician is not as bad as it seems financially wise. (Shmoop Editorial Team. Sports Physician:

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