Cholesterol Persuasive Speech

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Hello Mr. Brown, my name Lisa Williams I am a registered nurse here at the hospital, and I am here to talk to you today about your cholesterol panel. How are you doing today? I understand that you would be better if you were at home, but I will try to make this as painless as possible. Now I see that your cholesterol level is 210 milligrams per deciliter of blood. Cholesterol is a waxy, fatlike substance primarily incorporated in the liver, but can also be access by animal and dairy products in the diet. Cholesterol at normal levels is a necessary substance for the body’s normal functioning. However, if the levels in the blood get too high then it becomes a silent danger, and that can put you at risk of a heart attack. I am aware that you do not want to hear all of this Mr. Brown, but it is very important for me to explain to you what causes high cholesterol. Now there are numerous circumstances and conditions…show more content…
Not taking the medication could be dangerous when trying to avoid atherosclerosis, which is hardening of the arteries, and also heart disease that can cause high cholesterol. It can also lead to more dangerous conditions such as stroke or a heart attack. In addition to checking the total cholesterol in your blood, the general cholesterol tests measures three definitive kinds of fat. Low density lipoproteins (LDL), High density lipoproteins (HDL), and Triglycerides. Your LDL level which is known as “bad cholesterol” is 160 mg/dL, and that is very high. The normal range is under 130 mg/dL. This is the main cause of plaque build- up, and it raises your chances for heart disease. On the other hand your HDL level also known as “good cholesterol” is 33 mg/dL. The normal level should be greater than 30 mg/dL, and yours is above that. The higher the number, the better it is for your cholesterol, so this is good news. See it is not all

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