The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Bang! Bang! That is the terrifying sound that will either end a life or save a life. If a gun shoots a person through the cranium or the heart, it will be immediate death for them. If not, then they will either slip away in a few seconds, bleed to death, or kick the bucket from hydrostatic shock...either way they are going to be at the verge of death or in a state of traumatic pain. So why on Earth was the taboo of holding guns lifted in the CNMI when it is so risky? There are a great deal of pros and cons about guns but the majority of the people rebel against the hand-gun law for there are less risky methods of protecting oneself, it's unnerving how guns are easy to conceal, and when used wrongly, it would be a danger to all organisms, properties, and establishments. Guns are not the only weapon one can use to defend oneself. People can use their fists, a kitchen knife, a ball, or pretty much anything around the person. A person's life is their own responsibility, so if they want protection, one should begin working out in order to get stronger and earn the ability to defend whoever or whatever they want. Work out or go exercise! People who exercise are likely less lazy, therefore they are responsible and hard-working citizens who…show more content…
It is just always better to be safe than sorry. One way to be safe is to prohibit the owning of guns. The other is to only allow them to keep hand-guns if they are going to use it for good. Now what is wrong with the second option? No one can make certain if a people is good or not. Sometimes people change, whether for the better or for the worse. When guns are allowed, people such as those who are unsatisfied with their lives will gather, form a gang, and create chaos or a rebellion. There will always be mistrust among strangers, which would get worst with the suspicions that the other is armed with a weapon. With no guns, no
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