The Pros And Cons Of Writing A Letter

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Have your ever-thought letters were better than emails, well you were wrong. Many people may think that writing an email is like writing a letter but it's not because letters cost more, and they take more time and are hard to do compared to letters and there is so many reasons why Writing a letter is free is what most people think but they are wrong letters cost more then and email because you would have to buy the paper which would cost a lot of money depending on how many sheets you need I mean paper at like family dollars is like $2 and then you have to buy the envelopes and most of the time you have to buy those in a box which by its self would be about $3 or $4 dollars so that’s about $9 right there then you have to buy the stamps that would on be about 50 cents depending on how many you buy and that’s 9.50 right there when on…show more content…
Emails are just more easy then writing a letter and having to start

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