Performance Management: A Case Study Of Old Khaki Company

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1.Background Old khaki is a clothing store in which was established on the late 90s after the apartheid period. It is believing that you don’t need to know the history of the store in order to buy their clothes because that will be you buying the identity but you have to buy the clothes that is best suited by your personality and that will make a statement of your own. They produce quality clothes that is guaranteed. It has more than 520 employees, it employs during the year and mostly have part time vacancies for students over the holidays because it can be busy. These employees are required to have good communication skills and always be up to date with the latest trends in fashion. Old khaki wants to introduce new payment method, wants…show more content…
these departments work hand in hand to achieving the goals of the business. 2. the purpose of the performance management system is both development and decision-making. ¬ decision-making • Is basically more focused on the communication skills an employee has to interact with the customers while they assisting them to buy or answer any questions they can have with the products in the store. • It is when there are rewards that are up for grabs when an employee performance, for example they use rating scales to rate the performance of the employee and that will include sales rating, customer service, punctuality, etc. those things can make you get the reward of being the employee of the month or of the year. • High performance is their main objective as they produce the clothes with high quality, unique and affordable clothes. ¬ Development • They get a training before they start working or when new technology is arriving they teach them how to operate…show more content…
3.old Khaki uses both measures of the performance management ¬ The behavioral measure • The employees should have the excellent skills of communication both in person and over a phone call or social media. It is important to treat customers with respect as they are the stakeholders of the business. • Ratings are used to measure the behavior of the employee it is through the supervisor or the after call ratings by customers. • Plans by employees on how to attract more customers can contribute a lot on how productive they are on the business and it shows that they want new ideas to achieve the business objectives. • Team work is more productive than individual work and more can be done as if someone is not feeling well the rest of the teammates will cover his or her space and the work continues. Unlike when you just do not want to get along with people when something urgently needs you home and no one can cover for you; your work might be in jeopardy. ¬ The result

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