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For 2010, KFC has again refocused its corporate goals and is now putting special efforts on making their employees feel valued. This is apparent in the way employees treat each other, and is also accomplished through the company's reward package. The program offers all employees bonuses through a variety of schemes. The employees are rated in two performance measures, customer satisfaction and operational basics. The bonuses are also based on sales made as a restaurant and are paid in form of retail vouchers, with some vouchers valued at over $400.00 per employee each quarter. The bonuses are meant to create energy and encourage employee engagement with the goals of the restaurant. Managers and senior staffs can also earn cash bonuses depending…show more content…
A company culture describes how an employee thinks and feels about the company. It effects how employees respond and handle themselves in the work place. At KFC the company culture is a result of the company's vision and values. "Our aim is to put a smile on people's faces around the world and gives every customer a special experience on each occasion" (Human resources). These values are as…show more content…
We imagine how big something can be and work future-back, going full out with positive energy and personal accountability to make it happen. 4) Build know how: We grow by being avid learners, pursuing knowledge and best practice inside and outside our company. We seek truth over harmony every step of the way. We consistently drive outstanding execution by scaling our learning into process and tools around what matters most. Breakthroughs come when we get people with knowledge thinking creatively. 5) Take the hill teamwork: We team together to drive action versus activity. We discuss the un-discussable, always promoting healthy debate and healthy decisions. Our relationships allow us to ask the earth of each other. We make specific verbal contracts to get big things done with urgency and excellence. 6) Recognize! Recognize! Recognize: We attract and retain the best people and inspire greatness by being world famous for recognition. We love celebrating the achievement of others and have lots of fun doing it! (Human

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