The Pros And Cons Of Language In Sista Tongue

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Pros and cons of Language used Through Technology In the book Sista Tongue, the author Lisa Kanae mentions, “We are conscious of pidgins power to include and exclude” (Kanae, N.P .). Pidgin speakers are aware of how they can include or exclude people. Language is used every day in a way to communicate. With technology we are able to communicate, changing how we humans speak and write. Some of the technology we use are phones, television, computer, and radios. Not only do we communicate through our mouths, but we also communicate through technology. Depending your culture or age, the language is used differently. Language may be used to include or exclude people because it is constantly transforming with new words or new ways to communicate.…show more content…
Most of these social media’s general target is the younger generation. People of older generations or even someone who does not keep up with technology and trending hipster ways might not understand new word or slangs. A person that does not know how to use new word such as “selfie” for a picture by one’s self, then say “groupie” for group picture and people may get wrong impression. Words that people do not know meaning are used all the time wrong. Nationally, people are left with grammar errors, and slang words, from using technology because smart device will auto correct words and their misspelling words on purpose. Professor Smith from John Hopkins University claims the misuse of smart devices puts a damper on their learning, lowering grammatical and writing skills (Computers Changing our values, language, and culture). Depending on person’s living cultural background, speech, and writing will be judged. Their speech might have an accent that will make writing impaired on the way they think and write. People from businesses look at the way potential hires speak and write. Then may judge negatively, as if the person is less educated and unprofessional. Once something is posted on internet it is there for the world to see which could be a negative effect. America wants the smartest people which is why they make it based on a system of understanding each other through a clear language. Speaking with clear…show more content…
Pidgin comes in handy showing who is a local and who is not. If you are local, your pidgin can get that kama’āina, or local, discount or even a local business job. On the other hand, having a proper English or accent will show you are probably not from here. Since Hawaii strives off tourism, a lot of tourists like when people use pidgin to show them how we are different from rest. Majority of businesses are on mainland and will exclude pidgin speakers for that they are looked as not intelligent to proper English. The good thing about using pidgin is if one knows when and how to turn it off and on with whom they are speaking to, it may create more opportunities. In Sista Tongue, Lisa Kanae consciously used pidgin through the book however, properly cites her sources according to English standards. Pidgin in Hawaii is a creole language because it is been passed down from parents as a children’s primary language. A lot of pidgin words are just changed by couple letters for example “bra,” which is like “bro,” is short for brother. People not from Hawaii may think when local person says “bra” like they are talking about Bra’s that women wear. Similarly, other places like Texas use “howdy” instead of “hello.” People will criticize each other based on their communication skills no matter how they speak or write. Pidgin not

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