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Cultural appropriation is a topic one must walk around on tiptoes when being discussed. There is a fine line between appreciation and appropriation and most likely opinions vary, and depend on the individual's strictness. While readings through Chelsea Vowel’s essay ”What is Cultural Appropriation? Respecting Cultural Boundaries,” I found her overall statements of learning and sharing knowledge are an accurate explanation of cultural appropriation. She speaks mostly of the essence of cultures being APPROPRIATED by those who are not educated enough on the objects or items they are personally displaying. Her primary argument is to bring new insight and perspective by “[cutting] down on verbiage [to consider] the larger discussion, rather than…show more content…
Vowel has an extraordinary stance in which she acknowledges those who are guilty of appropriation may not know they are doing so; as well as the appreciation they may have, yet they do not hold enough knowledge to comprehend the disrespect that is occurring. Vowel speaks of the sacred Maori tattoos “ta moko,” which can be comparable to the issue of First Nations art as tattoos. Though First Nations peoples of Canada do not regularly have traditional tattoos, the art of the Peoples has become an appropriated symbol among many people. The most recognizable of which is the tattoo our Prime Minister displays on his bicep, traditional rendering of the…show more content…
She explained to us her high interest in First Nations peoples as she was going on to study Aboriginal social work. We gave her our permission to use our family’s totem, and greatly emphasized she should never recognize the bear as her “spirit animal.” She had the tattoo sketched and inked by a First Nations artist, who has traditional training, and this is what we believe to be a proper representation of

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