Personal Experience: My Personal Journey In Assumption College

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My Personal Journey in Assumption College It was always a habit of mine to think grandiosely of something. When I attended the freshmen orientation and was exposed to different organizations and associations, I already assured myself that I will be a cheerleader, I will try to be a basketball player, I will run in the Student Council and I will run a position on the Psychological Society of Assumption (PSA) in my first year college. Apparently, I did not achieve all of those, I did not even try to audition and did not file a candidacy for any position. I was in my transitioning stage and felt little within the whole Assumption community full of confident and wise women. I felt that I was not ready enough to empower others because I, myself was unprepared. Years passed and gradually, I learned how college works and little by little I am confident to express myself to my block mates. Still, it was a rough journey. I am in the process of finding myself and my true personality since I am not like this before. My peers also noticed how I spill my words and my tone of voice. My over-confidence was way too much for my peers and so I contemplated my behavior. During my junior years, I am quite accustomed to my environment and to the people around me. Being a 3rd Year Level Representative in PSA is one of the…show more content…
Marie Eugenie’s philosophy of education, I am still in the process of breaking the rock that imprisons me from exploring more learning and continuing to grow as one would shower me knowledge. I may have grew a lot in terms of changing my perspective to things, being more socially aware, dealing with professionals and leaving a mark behind. Yet, I know that I still have more to develop and learning is a never-ending process so whenever I go, there is still leaning and I am constantly succeeding. Apparently, my take home learnings are not learned inside the classroom but was absorbed through observant learning and from

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