Technology In Public Schools

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In the past few years, a national debate has sprung up over whether the government should fund updated technology in public schools specifically, iPads and tablets. The controversy revolving around the funding of technology mainly consists of the replacement of traditional textbooks and how that would affect students. Although some believe that tablets should not be the essential way students learn, the best option is to strive to increase funds for technology and establish tablets as the primary way for students to be educated. Despite the technologies' popularity, others believe that due to the expense of the tablets, they should not be the main way students attain their knowledge during school. This handheld device is considered,…show more content…
For instance; tablets may help to accommodate different learning styles. Daniel Edwards from the New York Times announces that teachers do not have to worry as much about helping a student with a problem because they can search for tutorial videos or steps on how to solve it. Teachers may be busy while a student needs help so therefore tablets are convenient. There is also ways to prevent the tablets from being a distraction. In fact, school faculty should not have to worry about students doing anything that is not school related because they do have the option to block certain websites and apps. In addition, tablets reduce the amount of paper that is being used for assignments. The editorial board of pro and cons of controversial issues mentions, “a school with 100 teachers uses on average 250,000 pieces of paper annually. A school of 1,000 students on average spends between $3,000-4,000 a month on paper, ink, and toner, not counting printer wear and tear or technical support costs.” Tablets are more efficient with lowering the extent amount of paper being used. To emphasize, it can also benefit the environment by lowering the amount of trees being cut down as well as saving money. This demonstrates the importance of having these handheld devices become the students main way of
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