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Fish aquaculture is not a phenomenon that can be attributed to modern generations as it has been practiced since time immemorial. Raising fish for food, or aquaculture, is a long tradition spanning many centuries in some countries (Kam et al. 2008). According to the Japanese Resource Council, Science and Technology Agency as quoted by (Jhingran, 2007) aquaculture is an industrial process of raising aquatic organisms up to the final commercial production within properly partitioned aquatic areas, in which environmental factors are controlled and the life history of the organism is positively administered. Aquaculture is an organised production of a crop in the aquatic medium. The crop may be that of an animal or a plant. Naturally, the organism cultured has to be ordained by…show more content…
Two basic examples are Saltwater Netpens and Land-based Saltwater Tanks. Coho salmon are ready for transfer to sea farms when parr marks are no longer visible and after seawater tolerance tests verify that smoltification is complete (Towers, 2010). There are as many styles of saltwater netpens but they all basically involve an enclosed netpen attached to a flotation system, with some kind of floating access. Some may include predator control devices. Some of the considerations for choosing a style include size requirements, cost, amount of wave exposure, and longevity. Nash (2003) highlights that after grading to remove undersized fish; the smolts are placed into specialized transfer tanks and transported by road or sea-going vessels. Out growing at sea takes place in cages consisting of large nets constructed with high-density polyethylene or steel anchored to the seabed. Several cages are usually grouped together to form a sea farm or sea site. Sea farm locations are selected on the basis on the considerations taken when locating a favourable site for a Coho growing out

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