The Golden Age Of Tv Pros And Cons

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Over the weekend people can find almost every family planted in front of the TV. The children who are in the golden age of the TV will grow to become an adults, as they slowly spend more and more time on tv. More than 99% of Americans have TV’s in their houses, maybe they should step back and think how the tv was made or improved instead of taking advantage. Maybe even think of the pros and cons of the TV! When the first TV was made to the present day TV , humans could not even imagine the change that has happened so quickly. Just thinking, in the 1930’s with a slow black and white, tiny box TV’s out of most households budget to large HD flat screen TV’s. And brought to an even bigger extent, 3D shows! The 12 inch TV in the 1930’s being…show more content…
Just a few years after this, the start of the golden age of the TV began. The remote control was was invented and the color TV was made. The TVs were being produced rapidly making the prices go down making it more and more affordable for the people. The sizes of screen also continued to get larger and larger with better quality though there were not many shows on the air yet. Suddenly, in the 1960’s the “space age” started and the space shuttle launches were being broadcasted across america. Then, the video games, basic but entertaining, was invented. One of the greatest games, “Pong” was made. Not the first game but the favorite of those in the late…show more content…
Most people nowadays will depend on the TV to tell or give them news about the world or other things, so if the whole network of shows was crashed or gone, some people would have problems adapting. Also the TV is sometimes bad for the eyes and brain depending on the amount of screen time. With the improvement more and more people spend greater amounts of time staring at the TV. However, this is why people have created different setting to help control the amounts time watched. The TV helps more than it does harm. The TV teaches children knowledge faster than most other websites or schools can on certain topics. The TV is a great relaxer too. It helps many people just calm down and forget about the stressors in their life. Also, it is simply a great way to entertain yourself and an easy way to spend time with friends and

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