The Pros And Cons Of School Education

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By the time your child is ready to embark on their school endeavors, there is a decision that must be made. This decision would largely entail your socioeconomic status, the resources readily available to you, your own education level, and views on education itself. With so many controversies surrounding public and private education many parents are gearing towards different choices involving their children's schooling. In recent years, Homeschooling has been on a 2-8% growth per annum (Brian D Ray Ph.D.), which brings up a very valid argument. What are the reasons behind the increasing growth of parents opting to keep their students at home. During this semester, I plan to take an indepth look into characteristics as well as statistical evidence…show more content…
What are the benefits from getting a public, private, or homeschool education? What are the cons associated with each system? Are public school systems receiving the proper funding needed to properly educate the youth? What factors play a role in parents choosing whether or not the public/private schooling is for their child, or if homeschool is the route to take? How do certain educational environments affect kids socially? Why is it that parents are choosing to keep their students at home? And lastly, I would like to identify the background and socioeconomic status of the different school…show more content…
I am not able to answer all the questions right now, but i can share on a few of them. I believe that the benefits of public schools are the best for your child socially since it provides children with real life problems along with exposure to different households and teaching methods. The benefit of private schools give parents more control over the education they want their child to receive. Homeschool benefits entail the one on one schooling freeing kids of peer pressures in the educational setting. My best guess as to why parents are choosing to keep their children at home deals with safety from the many and specialized instruction. Lastly, I believe that public schools are filled with the minority who parents are not economically advanced while homeschool and private school are for children who have more well-off

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