Pros And Cons Of Vaccines

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Vaccines have been around for a while. To prevent illness and diseases and to keep everyone healthy vaccines where made. Even though vaccines are not mandatory under the federal law, most schools recommend that the child is vaccinated. People should receive most of the vaccines to keep themselves and people around them healthy and safe. Still, there are many people who think they shouldn’t get them and that their children shouldn’t receive them either. They may not want them to receive them because they believe that a risks possible reaction may happen. It is very important to get vaccinated to help contain illnesses. This flu season has been one of the worse ones, with a death in each state caused by the influenza viruses. With fewer people getting vaccinated is causing a wide-spread of preventable illnesses. Vaccines have been around for a long time and…show more content…
When people do not receive a vaccine, it helps the viruses get to the people who are vaccinated and that viruses can mutate so the vaccine doesn’t kill it anymore making it so the vaccine doesn’t work and a new one will have to be developed. People with suppressed immune systems that can be caused by a number of illnesses may not be able to get a vaccination. When people who are able to receive a vaccine and does not, they are putting the disabled that can’t receive the vaccine for a medical reason in harm’s way of catching an illness. In the article "The Anti-Vaccine Movement Endangers the Disabled", it says that we have seen a rapid increase of outbreaks in preventable diseases, such as a whooping-cough, measles, and mumps, in the US and UK. Whooping cough has hit the highest rate of infection in 50 years. The illnesses and deaths associated with the anti-vaccine movement are over 100 thousand illnesses and over one thousand from preventable diseases
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