Pros And Cons Of Dress Code

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Dress Codes- Good or Bad? Students all over the United States are starting to question the ever-present dress code. These pupils are challenging authority and standing up for what they believe. Seemingly bias towards girls, they would like to due away with this nefarious restriction and allow themselves to express their individuality. Women are taught from a young age that their bodies should be covered and therefore is linked to self-objectification. They often feel less-confident in their own skin. The menacing code singles out girls and lowers their self-esteem, while also suppressing their uniqueness. How ironic that in a world looking for creative thinkers who know their value and worth, we have an antiquated system that enforces sameness.…show more content…
However, these people are greatly mislead as the dress code does just the opposite. By teaching students, especially girls, what they can and cannot wear they are shutting down their voices: “Dress codes teach students that that conformity and and obedience to authority are most important. Individuality is suppressed. Student voice is suppressed”( Steffen, “Pros and Cons of School Dress Code”). One obeying the dress code, results in sameness and loss of personality, Wardrobe plays an important factor in maturing youth as it conveys their personality. When schools start to enforce sameness, they are limit the ability for a child to blossom and mature into the world-changers of today. Scott Key, Ph.D., strongly disagrees with the conformity that comes along with the school dress code: “Employers want adaptable workers adept at creative and critical thinking, good decision-making and effective problem-solving” (Steffen, “Pros and Cons of School Dress Codes”). Schools are supposed to educate and prepare students for society. But if from a young age, students are taught that it is bad to be different and they have to be like everyone else, is this really preparing them for the future? Their future employers want employees who are able to think for themselves, and have different approaches to certain events, rather than be like every other person. Bosses are searching for the people with a great personality and uniqueness, and feel comfortable in their own

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