The Pros And Cons Of Homework

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The Homework Dark Side When you are a student, you must have been given a homework from school. Homework is a concept that everybody knows about. It is a life changing for every student. It could assist them to achieve academic success or hinder them from it. Teachers claim it is for the students best interest. Have you ever wondered is homework really that helpful? Is it really necessary to give students homework? The answer is no, students still can learn effectively even if they are not given homework. Homework harms out weight it benefits and people ignore it is dark side believing it is good for the students and teacher continue to give it to them. Homework is not really worth the harm it causes the students. One of the main sources of stress in the students’ lives is homework. The more time they spend doing their homework the…show more content…
Students are already burdened by their exams, quizzes and having to study every day after returning from school so homework increases their school load, which leads them to hate school. First, they will dislike studying because of their fear of the teacher punishment. They are afraid of being punished in case they did not do it or if the answers are incorrect. Also, they are afraid of the teacher calling them out for not doing the homework or doing it wrong and getting embarrassed in front of their peers. Additionally, students get frustrated when they are continually given hard or large amount of assignments and homework. They will get angry and feel that school and teachers are set against them when they are given complicated or lots of assignments. Finally, the students harbor hatred for the subjects and teachers that give them homework constantly. They feel like they are in prison because they are always studying either at home or in school and they are rubbed off their fun relaxing time. They may grow distant from their

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