14 Vs. 13 Get A Job?

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Should teens between the age of fourteen and sixteen get a job? There are lots of pros and cons about this because it can help the teen become more mature, but it can also interfere with school . The age limit of getting a job is no younger than fourteen in U.S.A.. Arriving at your job is no earlier than seven AM or seven PM, unless on June 1st you can work until nine PM. There are only very few places that allow fourteen year olds to work. Here are the reasons you should and should not be allowed to have a job in your early teens (14-15). According to Claire Gordon of Aol Original, over 50% of Americans don’t have jobs, so don’t wait before it’s too late! In addition, information from U.S. Department of Labor states that young teens: can not work near dangerous hazards, freezers, meat coolers warehouse work, and much more. There are only a few places that hire young teens at the age of fourteen to work in jobs that traditionally a sixteen year old works. You can only work at Safeway, Ben & Jerry's, and Starbucks if you live in Montana, but in other states the age is 15 to 16 to work at theses businesses.…show more content…
Some fourteen year olds are already very mature, for example they have a perfect attendance at school, they take responsibility, they get good grades, and they have a good integrity, that would show that they would be great at a job. It could help stop obesity because some kids just stay home and are never active. There are many things you can do with the money you earn, for instance, you could help your family pay for groceries. Young teens can reward themselves by the money they earn,they could buy themselves something they may have

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