Persuasive Essay On Homeschooling

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Many people debate on weather home schooling is a positive option that should be allowed. I feel as if it should be allowed, and that there is nothing wrong with homeschooling or having a child home schooled. You never know what a person is going through or there reason for being homeschooled. Yes being home school comes with advantages and disadvantages but I feel as if that is no one business. That should be between the parent and the child as of why they are being home schooled. The reason I say that home school should be allowed is because I feel as if you would learn more when being homeschool and actually engage in what is being taught to you. Rather than being in a public school you can not focus because there is to many kids distracting you in class. Kids only go to public schools because they must in a public school you may find kids day dreaming, passing notes or even playing with there pencils and pens. You cannot compare public schooling and home schooling. They both comes with there own advantages and disadvantages. There are a few reasons why I think homeschooling should be allowed and not banned. For example if a child is struggling in a class and is not able to catch on as fast as other students. That would mean that the child is getting held back. Not only is it holding the student back it is…show more content…
Than homeschooling can be a great option because the child may hate going to school. Not only will they hate going to school they would miss out on lessons and work. Rather than the child being at school while the teacher is teaching the student may be distracted because the only thing on there mind is wondering what may happen at the end of the day. As homeschooling is an option, they can do that instead, but if it was banned and the child had no choice for going to school. The child can end up in severe depression and would have to end up staying home regardless, rather than going to

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