College Admissions Essay: My Life In High School

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My Life in High School As I remind myself about the sixteen years of my life I’ve experienced, I find that my life had a significant change in high school. I have definitely experienced the ups and downs, and the pros and cons of high school, like the loads of stress that is prepared for you after grade 8 and the amount of new people you meet in high school. When I think about already completing half of high school, I realize that where I am today, the actions I take and the moves I make will impact the rest of my life. I attend at school at Neil McNeil, an all-boys catholic secondary school which I can admit has been a crucial decision emerging from a co-ed elementary school.…show more content…
I don’t know if it was the fact that the school length was shortened or if I thought that I was growing up but I would point out that in elementary school, time wasn’t an important factor for me and I would always say that school took “forever” to finish and would want it to boost in time. As high school started the days felt like they were going by faster than usual and sooner you know it, it was exam time and then, summer vacation. This somewhat “phenomenon” in my opinion has lead me to believe that time management is absolutely an important factor in life and you should value it, because in my opinion and probably many others as well, “time flies”. I strive to be successful like Steve Jobs who had a low GPA in high school but did not let that stop him from making his dreams become reality. He started small and eventually worked his way to something big, which is now one of the biggest corporations in the world, Apple Corporation. He said that you have to “prioritize what’s important” and I always remind myself this quote when I’m too lazy to accomplish something. I think of this quote to be a good time management reminder when you’re lazy because no matter what it is you don’t want to do, it can have a major impact in the

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