The Pros And Cons Of Donald Trump

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With the 2016 election fast approaching people have been debating on who to vote for. One very prominent name that has made headlines multiple times, whether for good or for bad, is Donald Trump. Many thoughts of the idea that Donald Trump becoming president make people cringe and think “what is wrong with America?” while others may think that his business minded thinking will help America out of its steep $18.0 trillion of debt. Some pros to Trump’s presidency could be his views on gun laws, his views on immigration, his surplus amount of money, his business background, and he is one of America’s most successful CEO’s. On the other hand, he does have some cons that turn many Americans away such as his egotistical attitude, his attitude possibly leading to nuclear warfare, and many disagree with his foreign policy. Due to Trump’s different attitude and views on many of…show more content…
Donald Trump has made headlines for months now with his comments and ideas that go toward his presidency. Trump is a very egotistical individual and he can be bull headed at times. Many people think that with his attitude and ignorant attitude will make it difficult to work with other countries. They see him as being bull headed and not agreeing with other countries and just causing problems and creating problems where we do not need them. Many think that because of his attitude it can lead to times of war. The thought of his presidency sometimes follows with the thought of nuclear weapons being used and that is enough to make many turned off to the idea of Donald Trump being president. He has mentioned multiple times that if he was president that he would have bombed the middle East. Many see the idea of peace as a better option than just bombing other countries so not everyone sees Trump as a solid option when it comes to problems like

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